Dalriada Urgent Care

Dalriada Urgent Care (DUC) provides out-of-hours GP services to the population of the Northern sector of the Health and Social Care Board (HSCB), covering a population of 448,000. The service operates from Ballymena, Antrim Area Hospital and Coleraine Hospital. They have 150 employed sessional doctors, 90 employed Triage Nurses, 5 Nurse Practitioners, 20 Pharmacists, 4 Mental Health Practitioners, 20 Health Care Assistants, 150 Operational staff, 8 office staff and 10 in the Management team working mainly on a part time basis.

DUC contracts with the area Health Board to provide out-of-hours medical services.

They also contract with the Northern Trust to provide ‘phone first’ which is an in-hours service whereby patients are directed to phone prior to attending the local ED departments.

In July 2022, they commenced a weekend/BH dental triage model for 3 large sections NI. they also provide out of dental care.

They also have an NHS dental practice in hours which currently has 1300 registered patients. Other services undertaken include medical cover for intermediate care patients in nursing and care homes, Marie Curie night time telephone advice and home visiting service and first responders’ schemes in rural areas.


Dalriada Urgent Care Ltd, 20 Larne Road Link Ballymena, County Antrim, BT42 3GA, Ireland

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