Campaign to highlight the important work of urgent and integrated healthcare providers

UHUK is a partnership of urgent healthcare social enterprise providers who cover 64% of the UK population.

These providers of NHS services work closely with local NHS partners and each other to coordinate care for patients around the clock, every day of the year at patients’ homes, in treatment centres and in the community.

They don’t always get the same recognition as other areas of the health and care system, but they are just as vital to the people who use them and to the functioning of the NHS as a whole - especially during winter as the need for services surges. 

That’s because every year they treat millions of patients who would otherwise call an ambulance, go to A&E, or visit their GP. This frees up these services for people who need them most and allows for valuable resources to be redirected back into other health and care services.

All UHUK member organisations follow social enterprise principles, meaning any surpluses are reinvested into services or communities. Our members employ thousands of people and are proud members of the local communities in which they operate. Because their focus is on the front line, they are agile and innovative and can respond quickly to challenges as they arise.

UHUK is leading an awareness raising campaign to highlight how vital urgent and integrated care providers are to the health and care system. We are leading local implementation of best practice in urgent and integrated care, and therefore believe we have a lot to contribute to help address challenges and actively shape NHS policy. 

Our members deliver frontline services every day, working with partners to keep people well, independent and at home. We want to bring that knowledge and spirit of collaboration to the table, working with policymakers to shape the future of urgent and integrated care.

Please watch our campaign video, read our fact sheet and share our campaign with your contacts.

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