Tonia Culpin


Tonia retired in March 2021 as Chief Executive of LCW after 26 years and will remain on the LCW Board as a Non-Executive Director. Tonia was elected as a UHUK Non-Executive Director in 2016 and is now serving a 2nd term. During this time Tonia worked with ASW Assurance to align the UHUK members audit to CQC standards as well as representing members interests relating to the services provided by Advanced Healthcare. 

Tonia worked at LCW from its humble beginnings as a GP Co-Op. She spent 3 years on DH Secondment to National OOHs team and was appointed as COO for Partnership for Health in 2009, delivering 2 UTCs and a 10,000 registered patient Practice. LCW was the first 111 London site to go live in NWL in 2012, followed by NCL in 2013. The organisation expanded further between 2016-2018 as the first London IUC Service (North/West Central). The portfolio also includes local delivery of an SPA and referral into community independence services as well as a care home telemedicine service and covers 4.6 million people. Partnership working has been the key to the success of LCW over the last 26 years.