Tonia Culpin

Chief Executive LCW UCC

Tonia joined KCW GP Co-op in 1996 as General Manager. Led implementation and operational delivery of NHSD co-located with OOHs service from 1999 – 2006. DH Secondment to National OOHs team 3 years implementing OOHs quality standards and assessment of providers (covering NW London, Herts & Beds, latterly Essex). Lead Co-ordinator for National OOHs Technical Links project linking all OOHs hubs to NHSD.

Tonia was promoted to CEO when LCW UCC formed as CBS in 2005. 2008 to date additional role as Chief Operating Officer for Partnership for Health, delivering 2 Centres for Health (polyclinics) on acute sites (Partnership for Health is an unconstituted partnership;  LCW UCC, Imperial College London, Central London Community Healthcare). Primary Care strategic lead on Partnership Boards with 2 Acute trusts and local  Community Trust working to implement GP led UCCs, 2 Acute and 1 Community. Previously worked in a variety of NHS posts within Acute and Primary care.