Suzy Layton

Chief Executive FCMS

Suzy Layton is the CEO of FCMS (NW) Ltd, a social heart/enterprise, not for profit organisation founded in 1994.  FCMS is proud to provide medical, dental, specialist call handling and support services to the NHS and private sector, both on a local and national footprint.

Suzy joined FCMS in 1997 and has tirelessly developed the organisation whilst in a senior post until she naturally evolved as CEO in 2004. A physiotherapist by profession, Suzy’s natural place and passion is people grounded with a strong strategic focus, she is driven by what ‘feels right’ which to many is perplexing but is what essentially maintains energy and sound business.

FCMS is a Parent Company to PDS (MEDICAL) Ltd, which provides out of hospital services such as same day health centres, minor injury units, community diagnostics and wound Care Services. Along with the overarching Non Executive Board and Senior Management Team, Suzy delivers passionate leadership across both organisations.   

Always inclusive, Suzy likes nothing more than “building things”. Suzy is determined to ensure that national policy is firmly anchored into local health care, with the patient truly at the heart of genuinely slick, smooth and better patient/caller journeys.