UHUK make a donation to Medical Aid Ukraine

In response to the current Ukrainian crisis, UHUK have donated £3000 to Medical Aid Ukraine who are working in collaboration with the registered charity British Ukrainian Aid (a non-profit organisation). It is completely run by volunteers so a 100% of the money goes for the procurement of medical aid. British-Ukrainian Aid supports victims of the on-going armed conflict and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine: orphaned children; IDPs; the elderly and the wounded.

Who are Medical Aid Ukraine?

‘Medical Aid Ukraine’ is an initiative created by the collaboration of Ukrainian Medical Association of the UK (UMAUK president Dr Roman Cregg) and the British-Ukrainian Aid charity, a registered UK charity (Managing Director Tetiana Vovnyanko).

As a reaction to receiving dozens of requests and appeals for medical equipment, surgical supplies, resuscitation drugs and first aid kits, UMAUK members have established a network of doctors (led by GP Dr Natalia Ciapryna) around the UK (including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), many of whom have no Ukrainian ties and kindly and generously are dedicating many hours to help to support the movement.

Professor of Adolescent Psychiatry, Dennis Ougrin, is in communications with the Ministries of Health and Defence in Ukraine, monitoring the situation where there are critical medical deficits and what exactly is needed.

Medical Aid Ukraine are raising funds for further procurement of medical aid and transport of this aid, with the support of The On-Call Room, a forum of 11.4k doctors in the UK, led by Dr Kristina Rebecca Cranfield, an Emergency Medicine consultant in Edinburgh.