Appointment of Non-executive Directors of Urgent Health UK

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Submitted by Sarah Fletcher on Mon, 18/04/2016 - 15:06

At the General meeting held in February this year we agreed to the appointment of four non-executive directors of Urgent Health UK Ltd.

The purpose of the appointments is seen as fourfold;

  • To narrow the gap between the small executive directors’ team and the wider membership thereby improving decision taking mechanisms.
  • To provide a support function to the Chief Executive who is accountable for setting the organisation’s strategic direction.
  • To improve organisational governance by increasing the number of directors of Urgent Health UK and providing independent oversight and constructive challenge
  • To provide operational expertise to UHUK and its members.

I’m delighted to announce that we had four nominations for the four non-executive director positions and the following are therefore elected unopposed for a period of 3 years starting immediately;

Dr Fay Wilson (BADGER)                   Susan Blakemore (CHOC)

Tonia Culpin (LCW UCC)                    Dr Russell Muirhead (Shropdoc)

I would like to wish our four NEDs all the best in their new roles and I’m sure we’re all looking forward to working with them.

John Horrocks