Media Training for Managers

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Submitted by Sarah Fletcher on Mon, 01/11/2021 - 10:38
  • Where: Badger House, 121 Glover St, Birmingham B9 4EY
  • When: Tuesday 30 November 2021 New date to be confirmed Jan/Feb
  • Time: 9.30am coffee, 9.45am start until 4.15pm
  • Delegates: Appropriate for CEOs, Medical Directors, Board level Directors
  • Cost: £333 (plus VAT) per delegate. Cancellation cost - 100% unless a replacement is found. There will be no charge if cancelled by UHUK. We will need 6 people maximum in order to run this training. All refreshments inc a sandwich lunch will be provided. Car parking is limited, please inform us if you will be driving.

ABMedia Hub are delivering this face-to-face training opportunity for Higher level managers.

The day prepares the trainee to face any media outlet - TV, the most daunting, radio and the press. We help people to understand how the media works and why journalists behave as they do, how to handle them and why you should not fear them. You also learn how to use the media to your advantage, as it's a symbiotic relationship. As a bonus the course has wider applications - it helps trainees become more confident in public speaking and at meetings. 
Bharat Patel - Brief details about me: I run the course. I started in local radio, moved to BBC Radio 4 and then switched to television as a reporter and producer of documentaries. I have worked for Central ITV, ITN and the BBC. I have won a number of awards, including three from the Royal Television Society for the Best Documentary and international awards in Ohio and New York. I have reported on plane crashes, earthquakes, pandemics and serial killers. But it's not all doom and gloom. I've also interviewed a parrot who spoke five languages and the world's oldest donkey. 


We run a brief session on newspaper interviews as they are very different to TV and radio, but mostly we concentrate on broadcast interviews. Depending on the subject these will be standing up, sitting down, walking and talking or mock live, as though a satellite van has just arrived. We also mock up a statement being read out: 99 times out of 100 the trainee makes a mistake in how to handle the media in such circumstances as they face a barrage of questions which could be avoided.


Each delegate must have prepared in advance three scenarios (these are not to be created by the delegate themselves, but their own comms officer or appropriate lead).  Please contact for examples if you require. These scenarios should reflect a situation in which each trainee may one day really be interviewed about, they can be confrontational but need not be - just appropriate to the training needs of the delegate (a few paragraphs are fine). The scenarios should be submitted a week before the training so preparations can be made.