Chairing With Confidence Masterclass - Webinar

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Submitted by Sarah Fletcher on Fri, 16/12/2016 - 10:27
  • Webinar: Link will be sent to delegates after booking 
  • When: Tues 15th June 2021
  • Time: 9.00am - 12.30pm. There will be frequent breaks 
  • Cost: £100 + VAT. Cancellation cost - 100% unless a replacement is found (or if cancelled by UHUK). We will need at least 8 people in order to run this training.


This Masterclass will be run by Sally Kemp and Charlotte Cummings, who have extensive chairing and facilitation experience to call upon. Sally is an executive and group coach, facilitator and Organisational Development consultant with over a decade of experience in chairing NHS organisations, and Charlotte is a highly skilled facilitator and trainer who leads complex virtual meetings on a daily basis, drawing upon her programme management and operational experience in banking. Both are up to date with developments in health and care in a variety of regions in England, which provides a strong basis for their work with UHUK. 

Who would benefit from this Masterclass?

  • This masterclass is aimed at people who would like to enhance their skills in chairing meetings and draw on the support of skilled facilitators and fellow Chairs when running either face to face or virtual meetings.  
  • It is equally appropriate for experienced Chairs who wish to reflect on their practice or update it for meeting virtually, or those who are stepping up to chair significant meetings.  
  • A highly interactive morning held over Zoom, this masterclass will help you learn new skills and build your confidence in operating virtually. 

What are the Objectives of the Masterclass?

  • To enhance your understanding of effective chairmanship, and identify what this means for your personal style and approach to face to face and virtual meetings;
  • To provide you with tools and tips to enhance your authority, control and confidence when chairing meetings;
  • To help you develop a practical action plan to improve the meetings you chair.

Programme for the day:

What makes a successful chair?

  • What might people tend to assume about chairing that can limit our impact?
  • What would we like them to assume instead about us when we are chairing  meetings? 
  • What lessons can we draw from this about effective chairmanship? 
  • Introducing the Chairing Brain, our model for chairing with confidence 

What are the key components of a successful meeting?

  • If you knew your meetings are going be really effective, what will you see and do? 
  • What tips might help us improve the effectiveness of our face to face and virtual meetings?  
  • What problems might we encounter, and how might we overcome them? 

Putting this into practice 

  • With what you now know, where will focus your attention when chairing, and what will you do differently?